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The Future of Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment is an essential part of our lives, but it is often not thought about. Many millions flush their toilets, water their gardens and rinse chemical-laden clothes without considering what a big and vital business it is. And it is set to grow.

A study released in October 2020 by Meticulous Research predicts the wastewater treatment sector will reach a value of  $242.6 billion by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.7%.

The Reasons For The Growth Of Wastewater Treatment

There are several reasons the wastewater treatment market is growing. The growth of manufacturing and industrialisation, an awareness of public health, expanding populations, and urbanisation are all contributing.

The human population of the planet is set to grow by  1.1% each year. That is 75 million people. This increases the need for more agriculture to feed those extra mouths, putting pressure on wastewater management and creating growth opportunities. According to the United Nations Population Division, agriculture accounts for 70% of water use.

Climate change is potentially causing an increase in the risk of transmission of waterborne diseases. Wastewater treatment and microbiology are vital in preventing deaths from diarrhoea.

An increase in demand and the devastating consequences of unsanitary water means the wastewater treatment industry needs to adapt to the demand.

Covid 19 And Wastewater Treatment

Covid has had an enormous impact on the industry, none of it positive.

Globally, manufacturing and service industries slowed down production during 2020. Investors lost their nerve and pulled back and large users of water were simply not using as much. This squeezed the wastewater sector.

The Global Water Leaders Group estimated that the industrial demand for water will fall by an average of 27 % due to COVID-19 and affect every part of the supply chain.

It is now March 2021 and the coronavirus shows no sign of abating, yet the stock market is slowly but steadily recovering, although it is still not where it was before the pandemic struck.  

As the UK government forges ahead with investment in infrastructure, it is providing a glimmer of hope that the markets will start to pick up, and the wastewater treatment sector will experience the growth it is predicted to have.

Asia Pacific Will Be The Fastest Growing

Owing to a rapidly increasing population, the development of membrane technology and the decline in the quality of water available, and the increased demand for clean water, Asia Pacific is predicted to see the biggest growth in the sector.

Looking After Your Wastewater Management Laboratory Needs

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