Pro-Lab Diagnostics

Pro-Lab Diagnostics is a privately held corporation founded in 1974 with its head office in Toronto, Canada and subsidiaries in the U.K. and U.S.A.

Pro-Lab distributes as well as manufactures products within the immunodiagnostics area.

The United Kingdom subsidiary has been successful in achieving steady growth within the public and private sectors for microbiology, and is a recognised leader in many areas.A production facility was opened in 1995 for the manufacture of staining solutions – a field that has seen considerable growth.

A strategic alliance is in place with the APHA for the manufacture of Salmonella Diagnostic Slide Agglutination antisera, promoted and distributed by the Pro-Lab Group on a worldwide basis. Our European office is proud to represent world class manufacturers: IUL Instruments, DAS, Benchmark Scientific, Great Basin, i2a and Momentum Bioscience. Through these alliances, Pro-Lab offers extensive diagnostic and research related products.

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