Why Choose Pro-Lab Diagnostics

Pro-Lab Diagnostics is a global manufacturer and distributor of lab equipment, such as diagnostic kits and reagents.

Our size, expertise, and agility mean our customers and staff stick with us. Here’s why. 

An Agile Approach To Lab Equipment Supply

We adapt to changing markets, legislation, science and trends with a responsiveness that eludes most businesses.

Whether we are putting on our own fleet of couriers to overcome a global pandemic, designing staining solutions to meet the needs of the market, or partnering with the best manufacturers in the world to supply lab equipment, we are always adapting. This gives you the best service.   

We Are Family

warehouse team

Many of our clients have been with us for over a decade. We consider them family.

And the reason they stick with us?

We consistently provide the best microbiology laboratory equipment on the market with a service that is friendly, reliable, and tailored. 

Our staff stick around too, so our clients only deal with people who really understand their business, sector, and needs. 

We Are Experts

Our clients love us because we know what we are talking about! The majority of our staff are from a scientific background. That means you get the right equipment and supplies for your laboratory without having to explain yourself. You can meet the team here.

We Are Innovative

Tux in London

Did you know the world-famous Microbank™ solution started with us? Our General Manager, Mark, came up with the world-beating low-temperature storage solution nearly 50 years ago! It’s often imitated, never duplicated.

It is just one example of how we have been shaping the world of microbiology laboratory equipment since 1974.

We Are Privately Owned

Being privately owned means we have access to the whole of the global market. We cherry-pick the best microbiology laboratory equipment from the best suppliers.

We can adapt to changes in legislation, scientific advancements and even global pandemics with a moment’s notice, thanks to our size and sovereignty.

If we sound like the sort of company you want to work with, get in touch.

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