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'Where In The World Am I' Calendar Competition Winner 2019

CONGRATULATIONS to Declan Palethorpe from Royal Derby Hospital who correctly answered all 12 locations in our 'Where In The World Am I' calendar competition.

A brand new Google Home is currently making its way to you.

Thank you to everyone who entered, here are the answers to check how you got on:

Month Location
January Brisbane
February Cape Town
March Amalfi Coast 
April Antigua
May London
June  Michigan
July Nambia
August New Orleans
September   Sierra Leone
October Sorrento
November Uluru
December Wisconsin

Remember to take your Pro-Lab Penguin on your travels and submit your photos to us to have the chance of them being included in our 2020 calendar!

All photos can be emailed to

Medlab 2019

Pro-Lab Diagnostics are exhibiting at Medlab! Come visit us at booth Z1.A34 to discuss our complete range of microbiology products.

Where In The World Am I 2019

Your friend and ours the “Microbank™ Penguin” has been travelling again and sending back his holiday snaps as always. He was of course promoting Microbank™ the original bacterial and fungal long term storage system, now available as 2D Datamatrix, GS1 compliant.

If you can match the 12 destinations he has been to in the 12 selected pictures, you could be the lucky winner. All correct entries will then be entered into a prize draw to win a “Google Home”. The winner will be announced on 31st January 2019 on our website,

To enter, simply complete the table with the countries that are jumbled up of the back of your calendar and email to .


If have not received a 2019 calendar and would like one, please contact

Merry Christmas 


From all at Pro-Lab Diagnostics

As a gift from us, all orders for Microbank™ throughout December will receive a free cute beanie penguin. 

(Limited to one per customer, while stocks last)

Simply place your order as normal

NEQAS 2018

Pro-Lab Diagnostics attended NEQAS 2018 in London for a key launch platform for new products including the Splat automated staining concept and FTIR!

Click here to view a Splat demo



from Pro-Lab Diagnostics

Share 'SPLAT®' with your colleagues by copying this link:

‘SPLAT® is a compact, automated staining machine with seven stain positions and an integrated rinse bath.  
Standardise any staining method in your laboratory using the tablet provided for quality results every time!

How much does it cost we hear you ask?

Well it's the most affordable unit available given what it can do, and we have a great introductory offer, call us.

To arrange a full 'SPLAT®' demonstration, please contact us directly on 0151 353 1613, or contact your Teritory Manager.

Product Launch

Samples available on request


Compliant with EUCAST
Compliant with ISO 20776
Integrated growth control
Stored at room temperature

*coming soon

New Additions To The Pro-Cult® Range . . .

PLD07 Shigella sonnei NCTC® 12984
PLD60 Streptococcus dysgalactiae subsp. equisimilis NCTC® 13762

The third edition of the Pro-Cult® Technical Product Guide is now available, request your copy or click here to download

Pro-Cult® discs are manufactured exclusively from NCTC® (National Collection of Type Cultures) and NCPF® (National Collection of Pathogenic Fungi) cultures and are guaranteed to be first generation from the source strains. NCTC®, NCPF® and National Collection of Type Cultures are trademarks of Public Health England (PHE). Equivalent ATCC® strains are listed where available. ATCC® is registered trade mark of the American Type Culture Collection. Each Pro-Cult® disc is a freeze-dried presentation of approximately 10⁶ - 10⁹ viable organisms. Unlike many other cultures, Pro-Cult® discs are sourced from recognised culture collections; each lot number of Pro-Cult® is guaranteed as "first generation" directly traceable to its source.


The Pro-Cult® range offers a comprehensive selection of EUCAST recommended controls for routine and extended internal quality control (QC) testing.

Routine EUCAST Recommended Quality Control Strains  

Product    Code       
Escherichia coli   NCTC®12241/ATCC®25922                 PLD02
Pseudomonas aeruginosa  NCTC®12903/ATCC®27853   PLD10
Staphylococcus aureus  NCTC®12973/ATCC®29213   PLD14
Enterococcus faecalis  NCTC®12697/ATCC®29212   PLD18
Streptococcus pneumonia   NCTC®12977/ATCC®49619   PLD95
Haemophilus influenza  NCTC®12975/ATCC®49766   PLD37
Campylobacter jejuni  NCTC®11351/ATCC®33560   PLD36
Escherichia coli  NCTC®13846   PLD34

Extended Quality Control Strains for Detection of Resistance Mechanisms  

Product                                Code
Escherichia coli  NCTC®11954/ATCC®35218                PLD24
Klebsiella pneumonia  NCTC®13368/ATCC®700603   PLD83
Staphylococcus aureus  NCTC®12493   PLD64
Enterococcus faecalis  NCTC®13379/ATCC®51299   PLD52
Haemophilus influenza  NCTC®12699/ATCC®49247   PLD81


The Pro-Cult® range includes quality control organisms which will allow quality control of detection methods applicable to detection of Extended Spectrum β- Lactamase (ESBL) and AmpC producing organisms in UK laboratories.  

Product                                Code        
Klebsiella pneumonia  NCTC®13368/ATCC®700603      ESBLpositive            PLD83    
Enterobacter cloacae  NCTC®13406  AmpC positive   PLD51
Escherichia coli  NCTC®12241/ATCC®25922  Negative   PLD02

Penguins like it cold!

Microbank freebie

We trust that you are all keeping safe and warm during the adverse weather conditions the UK is suffering at present.
Our trusted Microbank™ mascot is strangely enjoying the colder weather.
To offer a little cheer, we are sending out these rather “Cool” penguin keyrings with all orders for Microbank™ received during “Spring March”.
If, as often happens you have ordered in the last month, don’t worry, you won’t miss out, just drop a reply to this email and we will send you one (after we have checked of course, ha ha)
Stay warm!
Your Team at Pro-Lab Diagnostics

The "X" Factor

Dear all

Pro-Lab Diagnostics are pleased to advise the availability of our comprehensive range of antibiotic sensitivity discs and “donkers”. We also carry a range of identification discs including X, V, X+V, Optochin and Metronidazole.
If you have any immediate need or require a quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

PL.061060     1 x 50 discs    Metronidazole 80 µg    £7.90
PL.061812 1 x 50 discs Optochin 5 µg £4.20
PL.061816 1 x 50 discs V Factor £7.20
PL.061815 1 x 50 discs X + V Factor £7.20
PL.061814 1 x 50 discs X Factor £7.20

Click here for the full discs and donkers price list

Prolex™ Update

Dear all,

As a well-established manufacturer and supplier of the Prolex™ line of Rapid Latex Agglutination kits, please find full details attached of the range of kits available from stock. 

Many of you have been using Prolex™ for several years now, but should you be in need of anything please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be at your lab the following day to run through things.

Click here to view the Prolex Latex Agglutination Systems - Strep, Strep Xtra, Staph, Staph Xtra (including MRSA) brochure.

Room for more pancake stax?

Rax and Stax offer

For a limited time only Blackberry stack (black) and Loganberry stack (Maroon) Triple Petri Dish Racks are only £25 (RRP £42.50)!

Product Code    Description Capacity Dimensions Price Offer Price

Plate Rack - Linear Maroon   

3 x 11 Plates    100x330x190    £42.50    £25.00
PL.R08/003BK Plate Rack - Linear Black 3 x 11 Plates 100x330x190 £42.50


While stocks last!

Offer expiry date: 31/03/2018

(If you are intending to order and you system may be a little slow, hmm, just drop us an email of intent and we'll save you some)

To place your order simply contact the UK office or your territory manager.

Pro-Slides™ Introductory Offer

Pro-Slides™ are now available to order online!

Make sure you don't miss our one-off introductory price:

Code Description Pack Size Price Introductory Price
SD351 Pro-Slides™ Acid Fast Stain Control 50 Slides £132.00 £88.00 (£1.76/Slide)
SD361 Pro-Slides™ Gram Stain Control 50 Slides £132.00 £88.00 (£1.76/Slide)
SD370 Pro-Slides™ Crypto Stain Control 10 Slides £70.00 £45.50 (£4.55/Slide)

'Where In The World Am I' Calendar Competition Winner 2018

CONGRATULATIONS to Hannah Sharp from James Cook University Hospital, who correctly answered all 12 locations in our 'Where In The World Am I' calendar competition.

A brand new Fitbit Charge 2 will be making its way to you shortly.

Thank you to everyone who entered, here are the answers to check how you got on:

Month Location
January Alcock Tarn
February Barcelona
March Bahamas
April Yosemite (CA)
May London
June Mauritius
July Singapore
August Newmarket
September Croatia
October St Lucia
November Viaduc de Millau
December Grand Canyon

Remember to take your Pro-Lab Penguin on your travels and submit your photos to us to have the chance of them being included in our 2019 calendar!

Photos can be emailed to

 All the best from the Pro-Lab team!

Liverpool and North West Hard Days Night Microbiology Discussion Group

Wednesday 7th March

Registration is essential


6.00pm   Arrival and registration / welcome drinks and buffet

6.45pm   Mary Pinborough, PALS                

               'Infection in exotic animals'

7.30pm   Professor Val Edwards Jones, Consultant                

                'Changing ID again. The FuTuIRe is coming!'

As always high numbers of attendees are expected
CPD accredited
Please advise us of any dietary requirements in your registration email

'Where In The World Am I' 2018